Drawing with light.

Light drawings were first discovered by Etienne-Jules and Georges Demeny after meeting at a physiology course, both Etienne-Jules and Georges Demeny were scientific investigators. Together they were able to gather research which led them to creating the Station Physiologique which was opened in 1882 in Bois De Boulogne. Here they were able to develop many photographic techniques which included light drawing.

pathelogical walk from infront

Pathological Walk From In Front 1889 (the first known light drawing).

Making your own light drawing.

what you need:

  1.  a camera that has a long exposure feature
  2.  a sturdy tripod
  3.  a dark area
  4.  a camera with flash or a flash light
  5. bike lights/torch/phone light

how to make the photo:

  1. set up your camera on the tripod and make sure it is in the right position for your photo
  2. choose your desired shutter speed
  3. turn off the lights
  4. press the photo button on the camera
  5. quickly make your photo in the air with your bike light or phone light
  6. wait until the shutter closes, then you can stop drawing
  7. look at the photo and decide if anything needs to be changed




My Light Drawings:

DSC_0067 DSC_0048                                     DSC_0040 DSC_0046


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